How to Not Get Bored During a Long Car Ride

How to Not Get Bored During a Long Car Ride

Whether you are on a road trip around the country or just visiting family for the weekend, you can rack up some serious time in the car. Everybody loves a good trip, but the most diehard traveler can get bored. Our short guide will help you learn how to not get bored during a long car ride so that the hours between places will just fly by.

Stop Every 100 Miles or Two Hours


This is crucial and also a general recommendation for your safety. Whether you are the driver or passenger, sitting in one position for this long can be damaging. Take the time to stretch out, get a little food and move around. It will break up the drive and you’ll feel much fresher.

Make a Road Trip Playlist


So many movies have a scene where the characters are all singing to some classic hits. Now that we don’t have to rely on the radio to hopefully play what we want, we can create our own list of tunes and start singing along to our favorites. Try to dig deep into some classics as well as exploring some new tunes.

Audiobooks and Podcasts


Nothing passes the time quicker than a good story. You can get so wrapped up in it that you may actually be disappointed once you actually arrive at your destination. There are also some seriously awesome podcasts these days such as The Moth, Criminal and Everything is Stories which will leave you enthralled for hours. Best of all, you can download them for free.

Play Some Games


We all remember playing “I-Spy” as kids. There are so many car games you can play. It is even more fun when you make up your own rules. For examples, every time you see a grey truck, somebody has to talk in a funny voice. Whatever it is, just making up the game can eat up some time.

Get Things Taken Care Of


The days and hours leading up to a long trip can be stressful. There are usually a lot of things to organize. Now that you have all this time in the car, it is a good opportunity to start discussing where you want to go and what you want to do. These things become much clearer when have actually escaped from your daily life and can see the trip ahead of you.

Call People


Everybody has a phone now so it is a good time to call up people you have not had the time to speak to in a while. Obviously go hands free. Most car these days have Bluetooth systems. It can be even more fun when you have a group of people in car because it allows multiple people to all catch up. And of course, there are always prank calls if you are so inclined to be a little immature.

There is an expression that there are only boring people not boring things. Whoever made that up probably never had to drive ten hours on a straight road through flat land. Regardless, you can always find a little fun if you just have the right attitude.

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