What to do When Your Car Won’t Accelerate

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What to do When Your Car Won’t Accelerate

There are many potential problems your car might have if you are experiencing acceleration issues, so our guide on what to do when your car won’t accelerate will answer a few common ones. If you manage to upkeep good maintenance on your vehicle, you will massively reduce the risk of encountering any of these.

Check your car is in gear

 A close up of the gear shift in a modern car

As simple as it sounds maybe your vehicle is in neutral, which could be why you’re not moving anywhere! Depress the clutch and select a suitable gear for your circumstances, and hopefully you will start to move again. If not, the problem is a little more serious.

Diagnose the problem

A blue vintage Volkswagen beetle in a forest setting

This can be difficult to do, especially if you have no experience in mechanics. It is worth solving the simple problems first before you consult a mechanic, as even if they do not fix your acceleration issues, these simple tricks will help to improve the current condition of your vehicle.

Replace the fuel filter

A close up of a car engine

If your fuel filter is dirty enough, it could be blocking fuel from flowing to your engine. Cleaning this out or replacing the filter with a new one could potentially solve your problem. This should be under the hood near the fuel line, or under your car near the fuel tank. A new filter should not cost too much to buy.

Replace the air filter

A close up of a car engine with an air filter

Replacing the air filter can also help to improve air flow in your engine that can restrict your acceleration. Air filters are very cheap and easy to install, and should be changed every 10,000 to 15,000 miles to ensure your engine is functioning at capacity.

Replace the timing belt

A close up of a car engine with a timing belt visible

This is a little more technical, but still fairly easy to do. If the teeth of your rubber timing belt have worn down, as typically happens after around 120,000 miles, it will slip as it tries to grip onto the metal teeth of the gears that hold it in place, meaning your car won’t accelerate properly. These can be purchased for a small amount of money at any auto shop.

Consider speaking to a mechanic

A selection of mechanical tours on a blue background

If none of the above have solved your acceleration issues, maybe it’s time to take your car to a mechanic. There could be a problem with the electronics of your vehicle which can be very expensive to repair, particularly if you have a modern car that detects how much pollution fumes your car producers which is malfunctioning, and this should be seen to fairly quickly. Another potential problem is with your transmission, which can be very damaging to your car, so you should call a two truck if you think this is the case and not risk any further damage by trying to drive your car to the nearest mechanic.

Hopefully you are able to resolve the problem without reaching the final stage, but any problems with your acceleration should be seen to immediately to avoid any potential long term damage to your engine.

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