How to Properly Care for Your Car’s Paint

How to Properly Care for Your Car’s Paint

You don’t have to be a car enthusiast to take care of your car’s paint. Besides looking great, it’ll boost the car’s resale value in the long-term and cause it to retain more of its original value. Plus, we’re sure you’ll agree, a clean paint job looks cool. Most people notice your car’s exterior and its condition straight away, so taking care of it can pay off big time.

Sure a powerful engine is great and a luxurious interior is nice, but if your exterior doesn’t match the rest of the car, it’ll be as if you’ve done it all for nothing. In reality, taking care of your paint is easy provided you know what to do. Here’s a tutorial that will show you how to take care of your car's paint and finish that actually works and implements real-world solutions.

Wash Your Car


Regularly washing your car can prevent paint deterioration by as much as 30 percent. Debris such as leaves shouldn’t cause that much cause for concern, but the acid in bird droppings can and will strip off a small layer of paint if you let it sit and dry out. You should always wash your car regularly to avoid this.

If washing the car isn’t a possibility, at least wipe the dirty part with a soft watered-down towel. Never use regular soap when washing your car, as it can also damage the paint. Instead, get yourself specially-designed car wash shampoo and a couple of microfiber drying towels. 

Claying Your Car


Everything that doesn’t come off with a regular wash will have to be removed with detailing clay. Contamination can affect new cars as much as it can affect old, so even if you think your car doesn’t need clay, it probably does.

Note: claying is not a substitute for polishing. Think of it as a middle-step between washing your car and polishing it. You’re effectively removing the final dirt from the paint which is stubborn and doesn’t want to come off with water and shampoo. 

Polishing and Waxing your car


If your paint has lost its former shine, you have to polish it, adding a layer of protection in the process. Although you can apply polish by hand yourself, it’s best to do so with a machine. The effect will last a lot longer and the end result will be even better.

Lastly, if possible, purchase some good-quality wax and protect the paint and the polish from chips and oxidation. The wax will need to be reapplied in a couple of months’ time, but that’s how you know it’s doing its job. 

Take care of your car and it will take care of you. A poor paint job is the number one reason why most cars depreciate like crazy. Simply put, it takes a lot more money and effort to get a poor paint job back to its former glory than it takes to consistently keep it shiny and ‘new’. 

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