How to Get a Carfax for Free

Estimating your Car’s Value

Are you looking for information on the value of your vehicle, but you do not want to spend money to find out? Then, you should learn the process of getting a Carfax for free. With a few simple steps, you will be able to find the value of your car and information about its history, too. This is a great way to know your vehicle’s value before selling or trading it in.

Start With A Search Engine

google carfax

To begin, open up a search engine and type “Carfax,” or you can type in carfax.com. This will start you on your way to finding the value of your vehicle.

Creating An Account

carfax account

When you enter into the Carfax website, you will see the opportunity to create an account. Type in a valid e-mail and a strong password. When you have finished this step, click the blue button that says, “Create Free Account.”

Search For A Car

car cafax

Carfax will now ask you your vehicle’s VIN or License Plate / State Information. This will help bring up the information on the vehicle you are looking to find the value of. Click the “Search A Car” button when you have entered the right information.

Adding Car

carfax add car

Next, Carfax will ask you if the vehicle they have on the screen is the one you are searching for. If it is correct, click “Yes, that’s my car.” If it is incorrect, click “No, try again.”

Specifications of Your Vehicle

car specifications

Depending on the vehicle, Carfax may ask you about some specifics. This will include the trim level of your vehicle, like what kind of liter and cylinder equipment is in your car. When you have made your choice, click “Select” to move forward.

Garage Main Screen

carfax garage screenshot

On the main screen, or what is called the “Dashboard,” you will now see the information for your vehicle. As you scroll down, you will see specifics on recalls, the value of your car, and when your registration and safety inspection are due next. Also, you can see the mileage that is on your vehicle at last check.

Top Blue Tabs

carfax screenshot

The blue tabs, at the top of your screen, help you to get to know your vehicle better. “Service History” gives information on all the times you have serviced your vehicle over its lifetime, while “Maintenance Schedule” tells you what services you will need complete as it reaches certain milages. “Repair Costs” give you an estimate on how much certain repairs (ex. engine) will cost, and “Service Shops” speak to who could help with your services and repairs.

Getting a free Carfax is very helpful as you estimate the value of your car, while keeping up with maintenance to help your vehicle run smoothly. Using these steps will get you set-up in no time.

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