How to Drive a Car on the Track for the First Time

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How to Drive a Car on the Track for the First Time

If you want to take your car to its absolute limit and fill your adrenaline needs, you have to go to a track and do it in a safe environment. Speeding in the streets can see you receive a massive fine, but that’s nowhere near as bad as causing a crash and potentially hurting someone. Taking speeding to the track is the right thing to do, but that still won’t save you from potentially crashing. With that in mind, here’s how to drive a car on the track for the first time and do it safely. 

Solid Helmet

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If you want to drive on a race track, you’ll need good safety equipment. Regular track days don’t require roll cages or full fire suits, but a good helmet is the required minimum. Don’t cheap out on it and buy a good brand helmet. It could save your life.

Ask for a Ride-Along

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Before you attempt and tackle the track yourself, find someone who’s willing to take your around for a lap just to see the lines and braking points he’s taking. It will help you a lot, especially since you won’t have to figure it all out for yourself. Try to memorize as much as possible, and implement it later on when you’re on the track yourself. 

Hire a Coach

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With most track days, you can hire a private coach/instructor who will ride along with you, helping you out along the way. Most instructors are professional drivers who have been racing for years, so you know you’re in good hands. It’s the fastest way to tackle a steep learning curve and the ‘cheat code’ into quick lap times. 

Be Relaxed

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Driving at full speed is not something one should take lightly. It takes some skill, but more importantly, a lot of experience. Don’t think you can go out on track and set the fastest record straight away. Start slow and gradually increase your speed as you get more comfortable with the car. 

Don't Push Too Hard

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Remember that your car is not a race car, it’s a normal car you use to get to and from work! The brakes weren’t designed to withstand a lot of abuse, and neither was the engine. Don’t worry, it’ll be fine for a couple of laps, especially if you don’t push it to its absolute limits, but you definitely shouldn’t treat it like a race car. If it’s a specified weekend/track car it’s a completely different story, and you’re free to trash on it as hard as you think is necessary. 

Remember, if you take it slowly and build up speed over time you’ll become a better driver in the end. Rushing it will not only probably cause you to wreck your car, but destroy your confidence as well. Get a professional instructor if needed and watch as your confidence builds. 

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