How to Buy a Classic Car

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How to Buy a Classic Car

If you are a classic car enthusiast, you may often find yourself overwhelmed by the amount of “deals” that are available nowadays in this area. However, it is fairly easy to locate and acquire a fairly good classic car that won’t require much maintenance and will be a good investment for many years to come. Here are the steps that you need to follow to achieve exactly that.

Make Your Decision

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First and foremost, you should decide on what car model you are looking for. This is very important as it will narrow down your research and make it easier to learn more of the important technical details that concern a specific model.

Join a Club

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Once you make your decision on the car, try to locate and join an owner’s club. Some clubs have a physical presence with offices as well, but most are available as online communities so it is fairly easy to join one as a member. The experienced members of the club will help you evaluate the deals that you find, share helpful information about the car with you, and even help you find the model you are after since they most often know the right people.

Make a List and Visit

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Compile a list of the cars that you found to be on sale and then visit them for an up close inspection. Having an expert from the club with you would be ideal, but if not, bring someone who knows a thing or two about classic cars in general.

Inspect the Cars

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During the inspection, look for excessive rust which is an indication of poor maintenance. If a car is too rusty, stay away from it no matter how much you may like it otherwise. If it looks good enough, proceed to checking the VIN numbers of the chassis, engine, and gearbox. If they don’t match, it means that something has been replaced. That is not necessarily bad, but it is an indication about the car and whether the claimed mileage is true or not. Finally, you should have done your homework and to know how to tell an original model from a fake one.

Drive the Car

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If it is possible, you should drive the car before buying it. This will make it possible for you to tell if you really like it for sure and whether there are any problems with the car that are otherwise hidden. When driving the car, watch out for weird sounds, squeaks, grinds, clunks, and bangs. If any of that isn’t justified, you should better avoid buying the particular car.

Classic cars are a passion that can turn into a fever if you won’t watch out when choosing one. To make sure that you are getting more for what you pay, do your research, talk with people, inspect multiple vehicles, and negotiate the price if possible.

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