How to Carpool

Gas seems to continue to cost more and more, and cars themselves are not a cheap endeavor to keep up with. That is what it is important to know how to carpool. Carpooling is a great way to help the environment by leaving a car at home, while riding with someone else to your destination. Here are some tips to help you figure out how carpooling can work for you.

Where to Meet

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You will first need to decide where to meeting when carpooling with someone else. Some locations could include a specific location (like off the freeway), the driver’s home, or the driver can pick up the passengers at their home. Find out what works for you and for the other people in your carpool.

Who Drives

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Making decisions on who can drive is very important. You might make the decision based upon who has the best car that is most fuel-friendly, like a hybrid vehicle for example. Maybe you will decide on a car that is most comfortable because you drive for a long time to and from work.

Setting a Schedule

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Find a time that you all will meet or when people will be picked up. Make sure that your whole carpool follows this schedule because it can be very inconvenient if even one person is late.

Figuring Out the Costs


To figure the costs, you will need to know how many miles a car is driven during the car pool and how much it costs to fill up a vehicle’s tank along with how many miles the car gets per tank. In your carpool, you might even want to add a little money for maintenance, just in case the car needs some work done.

Making Payment

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Schedule when and how you all will make payment when using a carpool. There are many ways to choose from: you could pay per day, per week, or per money. Pay in cash, check, or through mobile app like the CashApp or PayPal.

Following the Rules

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When carpooling, your group should come up with rules to abide by. Some of these rules could include smoking, food, cell phone usage, etc. Find things that fit with your carpool.

Keeping Contact Info

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In case of an emergency or need to contact your carpool, make sure everyone has each person’s phone number. This is also helpful if someone does not need a carpool that day, a phone call can communicate the information.

Planning Ahead

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Always make sure that your carpool arrives early. The old adage “on time is five minutes early” applies here. This will allow for a happy carpooling situation.

Finding a carpool that works for you and your schedule can be very important. Pick the best carpool situation and start reaping the benefits.

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