How to Debadge Your Car

Step by step
How to Debadge Your Car

Are you a car enthusiast that is interested in making your car look the best? Maybe you should consider working to debadge your car. This is a way to create a better pleasing feel for your vehicle, as well as removing trim, too. Even though badges are attached with factory strength adhesive glue, you can remove a badge easily with things that are found around your house. 

How is your badge fastened?

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The first thing you must determine is how your badge is set in place on the vehicle. If the badge is fashioned with rivets and clips, this may leave holes in your vehicle that you will need help from a pro body shop. But, if the badge is held by an adhesive, you will be good to go.

Using Hot Water

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First, hot water (not boiling) needs to be poured onto the badge to make it easier to come off. The adhesive will soften and it will be effortless to separate from the body of the vehicle.

Spraying Adhesive Remover

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Next, you will need to purchase an adhesive remover that will help break the glue from the vehicle. Pick a remover such as Goo Gone, but only spray on the badge. Be careful when you are spraying on surrounding areas of the badge, so it won’t remove wax from your car.

Hair Dryer Heat-Up

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Grabbing a hair dryer will help you heat the badge to soften the adhesive even more. At times, you may be able to take the badge off completely at this point, without prying it off. If the badge won’t come off, just try to wiggle it free or move it around to help with the removal process. 

Badge Remover

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If your badge is still on the vehicle, use a scraper, dental floss, or a credit card to break the badge off. When using the scraper and a credit card, you must be careful as to not scratch you car. Even using the credit card with numbers facing the car could cause some scratches.

More Adhesive Remover

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Use a final coat of adhesive remover to get all the residue off your car before you wax. But, again, be careful not to spray too liberally as to take the wax off your car.

Cleaning and Waxing

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The last step is to clean and wax your car. Start by using a moist rag to clear off anything that might still be on the body of the vehicle. Secondly, allow the vehicle to dry, get your vehicle out of direct sunlight, and start waxing the debadged area. Using a circular motion, add wax evenly on the vehicle, and remember that the more wax you use, the brighter you car will shine.

Debadging a vehicle won’t take you much time if you know what you are doing. Make your car personal and getting working on this project.

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