How to Donate a Car

Step by step
How to Donate a Car

Donating something to help others in need is a fantastic way to be resourceful in our world today. There are many things that can be donated: clothes, food, toys, etc. But, did you know you can donate a car, too? If you choose to donate a vehicle, you could get a write-off on your taxes. With an appraisal, you could have your car donated in no time.

Looking for Charities

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Start by looking up charities that may take your vehicle. Check online to see what each charity has to offer, and/or dial their phone number if you have specific questions you want to have answered.

Non-Profit Charities

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When looking for charities, see if they are categorized as a 503(c)3. Also, religious organizations, like churches, may also have programs for your to donate a car, and still receive a tax break. Double-check with the IRS to make sure the place, you are donating your car to, qualifies as a nonprofit or not.

Vehicle Information

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After you have picked the charity or organization to donate to, you will next need to share information about your car. Some of this information may include the make and model, the type of body, the condition of the vehicle, the vehicle identification number (VIN), mileage, etc. The more information you give, the better tax break you will be able to get and the more knowledge the charity with have on the vehicle you are donating.

Finishing Paperwork

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To donate a vehicle, there will be come a time where you will need to get ahold of the Department of Motor Vehicles and transfer your car title to the place your are donating the vehicle. You will probably need to do this before you bring your vehicle in to donate.

Appraisal Time

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Some charities might want you to know the appraisal value of your vehicle. This is a part of the process to help you get a tax deduction back. Also, you might want to talk to the charity to see what they would do to your vehicle when it is in their control. Your appraisal value could vary based if the charity will repair and give the car to someone in need, or if they choose to sell the car outright to raise money for their organization.

Calendar Pickup

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Talk to the charity to see when they could pick up your vehicle. Schedule the pickup at your place of residence, just in case something goes wrong in the process. Also, understand that a charity has 3 years to sell your vehicle, so you might not get your tax deduction right away.

Donating a vehicle is a worthwhile endeavor to help others in need who either do not have a vehicle themselves or who receive the money from the proceeds of your car. The process of donating is one that is rewarding to help the next generation.

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