How to Drive a Convertible

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How to Drive a Convertible

The idea of driving along a rural road on a summer afternoon in a convertible is very appealing to many people. Here is our quick guide on how to drive a convertible car.

Drive the car!

Photo of the back of a light blue vintage convertible car

The simple answer to the question “how do you drive a convertible?” is literally “just like any other car”. There are automatic and manual transmission convertibles, and a huge variety, all with different features, for you to select from when buying your vehicle. While the basic operating functions of a convertible car are just like a regular fixed-roof car, there are a few extra things that you need to be aware of.

Check the Weather

Photo of some traffic as seen through a wet window

Before planning your road trip in your convertible, it is good practice to have an idea of what the weather is supposed to do. You do not want to find yourself on a highway, unable to stop, just as a raincloud decides to unleash the heavens upon you. If it looks like it might rain but you really insist you want to keep the roof down, make sure you take a route where you are able to stop and to quickly put it back up, should the worst weather catch you out. Always carry a jacket with you, should the breeze be a little too cold for your comfort. 

Put the roof down

Photo of a vintage red convertible in a rural village setting

What is the point in owning a convertible if you always drive it with the roof up? Some convertibles have automatic functions which allow the roof to stow away at the push of a button, while others require some manual labour. Most convertibles will only allow to lower the roof when the car is at a standstill, or driving very very slowly. Check your vehicle handbook to figure out the exact functioning of your particular car. 

Enjoy yourself

Photo of a red convertible driving along a rural road

Put on your aviator sunglasses, crack up the radio, and feel the wind in your hair and the freedom of the open road. This is the ultimate perk of owning a convertible vehicle, and it should be relished at every opportunity. Do remember not to use the windshield spray when the roof is down, unless you want to get covered in water and antifreeze. 

Secure your belongings

Photo of a grey convertible Volkswagen next to a field

When you park the car, be sure to either put the roof up, pull up any windows and to lock the car, as you would a regular hard top. Convertibles, and particularly those with a soft top, are easier to break into, so ensure that you remove anything valuable when leaving your vehicle parked. Parking with the roof up also ensures that any electrical in the interior are protected from the elements, should it rain while you are at your destination. 

Considering how much time people tend to spend in their cars on average, it is important to enjoy your driving, and owning a convertible is perhaps the ones of the best ways to make the most of your summer. While they do use a little more fuel due to increased wind resistance and have lower security features, the joy of driving with the roof down is unbeatable.

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