How to Drive at Night

How to Drive at Night

Driving during the night time can be difficult for novice drivers, and while it certainly is different to driving during the day, it shouldn’t be an inhibiting factor. In order to stay safe and enjoy your night trip, you should follow a few basic steps and tips on how to drive at night that are analyzed in the following slides.

Check Your Lights


The first thing that you should do before you head off is to check that your headlights as well as taillights are working properly. Perform that check during stationary. Once the outside is checked, hop on the inside of the car and adjust the headlight beam to the right level.

If your car boot is loaded, the beam will drop at a higher point, blinding the drivers who come from the opposite side of the road. Finally, turn off the cabin lights and see if you can dim the dashboard panel.

Clean Your Windscreen


During the night, the dust and debris that is stuck on your windshield may not be visible, but it will surely affect your visibility. Before your start your night drive, clean your windscreen with the wipers just as a precaution.

Wear Your Glasses


Even the slightest eye problem like mild myopia is amplified during the nighttime. That is because the lights by cars that come from the opposite side of the road look way more blurry, so they make driving at night uncomfortable. If you are suffering from even the mildest of eye issues, never neglect to wear your glasses. Preferably, you should have a spare pair on the car, so you are never left without your glasses.

In addition to the eyesight glasses, there is another special kind one called “night driving glasses” that are basically yellow tinted and intensify the human eyesight and visibility in low-light conditions. These glasses are especially useful during misty nights, so if you live in hilly areas where moisture often creates fog, you should definitely buy one pair of these. In both cases, make sure that your pair of glasses use an anti-reflective coating or else you will get unwanted glare from the headlights of other cars.

Don't Drink and Drive


The night is in many cases a great time to enjoy driving your car, and doing it safely and responsibly by staying away from alcohol consumption is of utmost importance. Alcohol slows your reflexes, reduces your vision, makes it harder for you to concentrate, and shatters your coordination.

There’s not a worse time of the day for all of these to happen to you than the night time.

Driving during the night doesn’t include only additional dangers, as it also has its own advantages. For example, when entering a tight corner, you can see if there’s a car approaching from the other end by seeing its headlights. This isn’t possible during the day, so it’s a bonus that you have to keep in mind and look out for when driving during the nighttime.

In general, driving at night can be relaxing as everything is quieter, and you may relax and enjoy the ride within an acceptable context. That is to drive about 30% slower than you would during the day, and always look out for unforeseen dangers like nocturnal animals suddenly entering the road.

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