How To Drive On The Circuit

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How To Drive On The Circuit

All car owners should arrange to visit a racing circuit with their car at least once. This is important not only for living an extraordinary experience but also for learning how your car behaves on its handling limits. This experience will help you cope real situations on the road where for any reason you may have to act quickly and decisively in order to keep your car under control. If you are not a racing driver, you probably wonder how to prepare for a visit to the circuit, so here is a quick guide to help you on that. 

Safety First

A Car Racing Helmet

Some people falsely suppose that they don't need a helmet when driving a car since their head isn't directly exposed like when driving a motorcycle. However, using a helmet when on the circuit is mandatory for safety reasons since your head may hit hard on the steering wheel or other cabin locations in the case of an accident.

Make sure to buy a helmet that fits you comfortably before you visit the circuit. Additional and optional equipment includes drivinggloves, racingshoes, and even a full-body fireproofuniform.

Change Tires

Racing Tires Rack

When driving your car at the limit, you will quickly wear your tires which is not always the best choice since it will cost you quite a lot to replace them. The ideal solution for this is to visit a tire shop and ask for the availability of usedtires that are still in relatively adequately good condition.

Most tire shops offer sets of such tires at very premium prices for exactly the purpose of burning them during circuit laps. After you are done, you may revisit the tire shop and have your regular tires refitted.

Choose A Good Day

A Group Of Racing Cars

A good day is a day of fairweather, so you should avoid entering the track on a rainy or windy day. In addition to the weather, you should also consider the expected numberofpeople who will be doing laps with you. If it is a weekend, the number will almost always be higher.

If possible, you should pickaweekday so you will wait less time to enter the circuit and have more space to drive on. Finally, you should ask your localownersclub if they are planning to organize a trackday since having company and support is crucial on your first time at the track. 

Racing Etiquette

Dirt Racing Track

Learn about the rulesandtheracingetiquette in order to stay safe and let others enjoy their laps too. For example, if a faster car approaches you from behind, you should let them pass you on your first safe opportunity to stay on the side. Depending on the circuit, the side of the road may happen to coincide with the racing line, so in that case you should move on the other side of the road to allow faster drivers to pass you by safely. 

Entering the circuit is a fun and rewarding experience that you will most likely get addicted to. Always be responsible no matter whether it's your first or your hundredth time racing a track, and always thoroughly check your car beforehand. 

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