How to Get a Car Out of Snow

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How to Get a Car Out of Snow

For most places around the world, the winter season is eminent and that means white flurries all over the place. Snow can be one of the most heavenly sights around, but it can also be one of the most destructive. For example, do you know how to get your car off the road when it is snowed in? Snow can really hold your vehicle down. That is why it is important to know how to get a car out of snow. At one time or another, your vehicle or another’s car will get trapped and you will need to know what to do.

Remove Snow To Gain Traction

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Digging your car out needs to be the first step in this process. If you are outside your home, grab a shovel from your garage and get working. Also, be prepared to have an emergency shovel in the back of your vehicle that folds up; this could help you if you get snowed in when you are away from home. Do you see ice around your vehicle? If so, use a screwdriver to break the ice around the four tires of your car to try to clear the area.

Examine Your Tailpipe

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Your tailpipe needs to be snow-free, so dig around it if need be. Not digging around the exhaust pipe could lead to exhaust getting into the car and causing serious health concerns for people in the vehicle, resulting in a hospital visit, or worse.

Get Your Tires Moving In The Right Direction

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Sometimes, there will be too much snow and ice under your vehicle for it to move. This is when you will need to put down something gritty for the tires to latch onto. Consider having sand, kitty litter, or salt to put under your tires. Also, rubber mats in a car or chains to attach to the tires could help get your vehicle out of the snow. 

Using Car Features

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Check for car features in your vehicle. There are all-wheel and 4-wheel features in many cars to help the tires spin to regain traction, unlike other vehicles that only have front-wheel or back-wheel drive.

Lowest Gears Are Best

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To get out of the snow, put your vehicle in a low drive. This will allow the tires to have extra power, and you will not run the risk over digging yourself in a bigger hole (no pun intended).

Turn Your Wheels Straight

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As you pull your car out of the snowy mess you are in, straighten your wheels and accelerate out of the hole. This is the best way to drive your car out, unless you need to maneuver around obstacles in the way.

Digging your car out can be some serious work, but it is worth it if you save your car. Be careful during this process and dress warmly!

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