How to Improve the Air Flow of your AC

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How to Improve the Air Flow of your AC

If the air conditioning in your car isn’t as effective as you would expect, there are a number of things that could be affecting it. While some of these problems can be hard to diagnose and even harder to repair, one of the most common issues can be to do with the air flow, which is easily repaired without having to consult a mechanic. Read our guide on how to improve the air flow of your AC in your car to find out more.

Diagnose the problem

A close up of the AC vents in a car interior

As mentioned before, this is difficult to do, but if the air is coming out somewhat cool when you have turned on the engine and the AC to full, then it is worth trying to improve your air flow before you take your car in for repairs. Another giveaway sign is if the air is blowing, but not as strong as it should be. If the cooling fans on your radiator aren’t running, it is probably an electrical fault and you will most likely have to replace a wire or a fuse.

Replace the cabin air filter

A modern car interior with black finish

This can be found inside the glove box of your car. Lift the latches on the faceplate to slide it away and you should be able to simply pull out the old filter, but do take care otherwise you could scatter dust all over the interior of your car. There should be some arrows that indicate the direction of air flow, so take note so that you install the new filter in the same direction. Before you install a new filter, it is worth giving the chamber a quick vacuum and a wipe with a damp cloth to remove any accumulated dust and dirt, and to check all the seals and gaskets. The new filter should be easy to slide back into the position of the old filter.

Check all the vents are clean

A vacuum hose against a black background

Vacuum and dust around all of the AC vents in the car to ensure there is no build up and to improve your air flow. The cleaner your AC system is, the more effective the air flow will be, as there will be nothing to restrict the movement of air through it.

Test again

A modern AC control unit with blue and red lights

Repeat step one to see if this has improved the quality of your AC. If you are still having problems, perhaps a hose has come loose that you can screw back into place, or perhaps the issue is more complex and it is worth taking to a mechanic, but don’t feel defeated as you have just successfully completed a task that your mechanic was likely to perform and charge you for.

AC units are quite complex pieces of equipment, and it is important to look after them, particularly in the summer months when you are likely to be using them more. Ensure your AC unit is cleaned on a regular basis to avoid creating larger problems further down the line.

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