How to Install a Baby Seat

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How to Install a Baby Seat

Installing a baby seat correctly is of utmost importance in today’s world. Babies can survive a car accident if their car seat is installed correctly, but if it is not installed appropriately, an infant can die of injuries. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) states that “child safety seats greatly reduce the risks of fatal injury in infants and toddlers riding in motor vehicles.” That is why it is important to learn to install a baby seat. Making sure a baby seat is fastened appropriate is like clicking a seatbelt every time an adults get in the car.

Making the Right Seat Choice

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When making your decision for a child seat, know that it is best to choose your seat based on your child’s height, weight, and age. The NHTSA even has tools on their website to help you with your decisions at https://www.nhtsa.gov/.

Seat Options

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Know that there are four options for children when picking a car seat. These include infant rear-facing, child rear-facing, front-facing, and a booster seat. The age ranges on these seats go from infants to 12 years of age.

Tips When Installing

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To start, read the instructions for your child seat and check out your owner’s manual to give you some help. Each seat is different, and you will need to follow them exactly to keep your little one safe. Always make sure that you place the seat in the back seat, and never in the front seat. This can add extra protection to your child.

Tighten and Lock the Seatbelt

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After you have installed your car seat, make sure you tighten the seatbelt, which will lock the carseat in place. This is especially important if your vehicle does not have anchors keeping the seat grounded.

The Angle is Important

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Remember that the angle of the car seat is very important. The car seat needs to be level, so the infant’s head will not bang forward seated in a car. With most car seats, there are indicators that help show if the seat is level or not.

Removing Extra Layers

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Be sure to remove extra clothing that your baby may have when riding in a vehicle. Bulky clothing does not help the seatbelt tighten against the infant, which could be devastating if an accident occurs. If you are worried about your infant being cold, just lay a coat over the top of an infant after you have buckled them in.

Size Determines Seat Change

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A child’s size determines when a seat change needs to be made for an infant or child. Age should never be the factor for changing a car seat.

Installing a car seat and understanding the tips is very important for keeping your child safe, no matter the age. Make sure to not overlook these significant tips.

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