How to Park on a Hill

How to Park on a Hill

Although a lot of people dread having to parallel park, even more won’t even attempt to do so on a hill. In all actuality, there’s no reason to get scared from hills. Because of the gradient, they’re predictable in that you always know which way your car is going to roll. Rather than treating it as a nuisance, you can use this to your advantage. By learning what to do when parking on a hill you can ensure you don’t risk anyone’s safety, including yours. Read on to find out how to park on a hill.

Getting into the Parking Spot

If you have to angle park, it’s not really an issue. You can get into the parking spot in one smooth motion. Parallel parking is a different story though. That doesn’t mean it’s impossible, just somewhat more unique. Depending on whether you’re parking uphill or downhill, you’ll have to take into consideration the distance your car will roll. If you’re skilled with the handbrake or drive an automatic, it’s really no more difficult than parallel parking on a flat surface.

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Otherwise, we’d find a spot with a little bit more room just to be on the safe side. Remember, if you don’t panic everything will be okay. You dictate how much the car rolls or the direction of it. Simply press the brake pedal if the car starts moving. If you want to practice parallel parking on a hill, find one that’s empty of traffic and try the technique out on your own.

Safely Parking

Once you’re inside the parking spot, remember to pull the handbrake up and leave your car in park if you’ve got an automatic. If you’re driving a manual, leave the car in first. Before you turn the car off or get out, turn the wheels (steering wheel) all the way to the curb.

This ensures that even if the parking brake and the transmission fail (which is almost impossible), your car will roll into the curb and stop rather than roll into the street, causing a serious accident. It’s just a minor thing really, but one which could prevent a lot of things one day in case you forget the handbrake.

Getting Out of the Parking Spot

When it’s time to leave the parking spot, center your wheels straight, press on the foot brake, and only then deactivate the parking brake. Be careful when pulling out of the spot as other drivers might have a difficult time seeing you. Check your mirrors and always indicate.

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If you know how to parallel park and can use the handbrake decently, parking on a hill should come almost naturally. If you’re still apprehensive about the entire ordeal however, make sure to practice on a hill with no traffic first. Do it until you can park without the car rolling away from, as that’s what you’ll need to do when parking in the real world.

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