How To Recycle Your Junk Car

Step by step
How To Recycle Your Junk Car

OK, so your good old car has just become too old to keep on going, and it’s time to get it out of the road once and for all. You can’t just leave in next to the garbage though, and you should certainly not abandon it anywhere like an irresponsible person. Here is how to recycle your junk car in six simple steps.

Clean Up

trunk of car empty

Check the boot, the cabin, and the underside of your seats to remove all of your belongings. This includes the mats and the seat covers if any. This may sound obvious but it isn’t as many people forget important things inside their car. Once you are finished with the inside, remove the front and rear license plates with a screwdriver. The car should now be barebones as it was when it left the factory line.

Visit your Mechanic’s Workshop

mechanic checking under car

Visit the mechanic that you trust and ask him to evaluate your car parts and figure out if anything is worth removal and selling. Even older cars may have newer components or something that is worth selling, so don’t forget to salvage them as they may increase your financial gain exponentially. While you’re there, ask them to remove any fuel remnants from the tank and fuel line.

Take Care of the Paperwork

paperwork person notepad pen

Next, you should cancel the running insurance contract and then transfer the registration from your name to the recycling company that agreed to offer this service to you. This is a typical but also very important step in the process as not doing so may cause legal trouble to you. Don’t forget to also return the license plates that you previously removed to the agency responsible for their issuing in your country.

Find the Best Recycling Service

recycled car square

Finding the most beneficial recycler is all about the price per ton that you will be offered. Call every recycler in your area and ask for their offers before selecting the best one. Do not choose a yard that is too far away though as the tow truck may ask more for the transportation then. Speaking of which...

Arrange the Towing

tow truck car repair

If you can is at your mechanic’s make sure that he will be there the time that you arranged the tow truck to pick up the car, and also that the recycling yard will be open and ready to accept your car when it arrives.

Request Certificate of Destruction

certificate car destruction recycle

After the recycler claims that they destroyed your car, ask for the corresponding certificate of destruction. This document will be later used for tax deduction purposes, so if you forget to get it you will not receive a deduction which will be very unfortunate.

Remember, recycling steel, rubber, glass, and other materials found in your car saves on energy and environmental destruction for the mining of more natural resources. Recycling metal is about 75% more energy efficient than making it from scratch. Be responsible and recycle your car.

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