How to Seal a Plastic Gas Tank

Step by step
How to Seal a Plastic Gas Tank

Being able to refuel on the go is important when using ATVs, boats, jet-skis, motorcycles, and other recreational vehicles. When using a tank that holds gas, they need to be free from rust and leakage to protect the user. That is why it is important to seal a plastic gas tank. They are very handy because they do not weigh as much as metal gas tanks, and there are a variety of sizes to make them easily accessible when traveling around. If you ever run out of gas, having a gas tank could really save you time and money.

Using Epoxy Glue

Epoxy Glue

Epoxy glue is one of the best ways to seal a gas tank. Even when small holes open up in a gas tank, this method can keep gasoline in, and dangerous fumes out of the air. If you are willing to make repairs, this project can be done in no time.

Emptying the Gasoline Tank

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Start by emptying all the gas out of the tank, and give it some time to dry completely, so there is no more liquid in the tank. Any extra gasoline in the tank could cause hazards moving forward. Wherever the hole on the tank is, sand the hole down, and clean the hole with rubbing alcohol and a rag. Wait for it to dry, and then continue.

Mixing the Epoxy

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Most of the epoxy glue used today needs to be mixed, so the substances will form together to create a solid bond. Add the epoxy to the hole of the gasoline tank, by rubbing it around the hole. 

Using a Fiberglass Patch

gas tank plastic

Next, you will need a fiberglass patch to cover the hole. Make sure the patch is larger than the hole, so it will completely seal at the end of this process. The patch and the epoxy should seal with one another when you press the patch onto the tank. Hold it together for a minute or so to make sure the bond is complete.

Spray Painting

spray paint gun

You will now need to wait for the patch to saturate with the epoxy before you can proceed with spray painting your gasoline tank. Start by sanding the area down and then begin painting. Pick a paint that matches your gasoline tank, or start completely over by picking a new color for your gasoline tank. You will see that your tank will look like new.

Sealing a plastic gas tank is a great way to keep gasoline in, and protect others from the flammable chemicals. By using these steps, you will be able to save money by repairing instead of buying a brand new gas tank. Also, you will not be a consumer that overbuys when things break. Instead, you will be resourceful.

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