How To Start A Car

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How To Start A Car

If you are learning to drive for the very first time, it may seem quite foreign to use this kind of vehicle. Fortunately for you, using a car can be easy, but you need to know how to start a car before you do anything else. After you get your vehicle started, then you will be ready to drive into the great beyond.

Unlock Your Car And Get Inside

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First, unlock your car by turning the key in your door to the left, and take a seat. Make sure that your feet can touch the pedals, but do not allow your body to be so close that your knees are touching the steering wheel. Once you have modified your seating position, buckle your seatbelt over your shoulder and across your lap. Never drive without your seatbelt.

Starting The Ignition

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Place your key in the ignition of your car. Usually, this is located by the steering wheel. Duplicates can work as well if you have made copies. With newer vehicles, you do not even need to put a key in the ignition; you just push the start button, and if you have the key in your possession, the vehicle will start automatically.

Automatic Start

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With an automatic vehicle, you can start the car by turning the key without shifting to get the engine running. At this point, you can have the car in Park (P) or Neutral (N). If you are in neutral, make sure to have your foot on the brake, so your car does not move forward or backwards unpredictably.

Manual Start

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If you are starting a manual car, you need to make sure the clutch is pushed in all the way and the brake is pushed in as well. The clutch is located at the far left and the brake is in the middle with the gas pedal on the far right. The ignition can be started when the clutch is engaged all the way down.

Ignition Key Twisting

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No matter the type of transmission you have, turn the key down clock-wise and the vehicle will soon start. The key needs to be rotated past two stops on the ignition, and you will notice the last stop is spring loaded. Never pull out the car key when you are twisting it in the ignition because you could break the key.

Still Having Trouble?

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If the car still will not start at this point, try some of these tricks. First, turn the wheel and try starting the ignition because it might be locked. While turning the wheel, keep the brake pedal engaged, and then turn the key in the ignition.

Starting a car really can be an easy thing if you know what you are doing. It may soon become habit after a while.

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