How To Store a Car

Step by step
How To Store a Car

Are you looking to park your car for an extended period of time? Well, then it time for you to learn how to store a car properly. Making sure you protect your car can help it run well in the future. Stay on top of these procedures, and you will be good to go.

Oil Changing

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Before you start the process of storing your car, change your oil and filter. Do it yourself, if you can, or take it into a mechanic for them to handle this step.

Fill Your Gas Tank

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Water can accumulate in the tank over time if a car is not used. That is why you should fill your vehicle with premium fuel. This is the best fuel to purchase if you are storing your vehicle because the gasoline will not gum up the engine causing corrosion.

Check Coolant Levels

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Be sure to check that all the coolant levels are full. If they are not completely full, fill them up to the brim.

Inflate Tires

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Have your car tires filled, so there are no flat spots when you store your vehicle. You can actually over inflate the tires to make sure there are no flat spots while your car is in storage. Note: when you take your car out of storage, you will notice your tires thumping as you drive for the first few miles.

Clean Your Car

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Cleaning your car is essential when looking to store it. Remove the dirt from your vehicle, and don’t miss the hard to clean spots like wheel wells. The inside of your vehicle needs to be cleaned to, so no animals will be interested in trying to get the old food in your car.

Plastic Wrap Wiper Blades

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Protecting your wiper blades can be done with plastic wrap. Just take them off of your car, wrap them in plastic wrap, and store them inside your vehicle to keep them warm.

Oil Your Spark Plugs

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Keep your spark plugs lubricated by adding a little oil and then placing them back into the cylinders. This will keep your engine ready to go after you take the vehicle out of storage.

Lock Your Doors

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To protect your car from getting broken into or from being vandalized, lock the doors. This will also keep your possessions inside safe and sound.

Cover The Car

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Decide where you will decide to store your car. If you have an inside storage area, like a garage, then you will not have a difficult time storing. But, if you are storing your car outside, cover you car with a tarp in dusty locations or where there is humid weather.

Knowing how to store your car is paramount for keeping it in prime condition when you are ready to use it again. Understanding these principles will make this experience a positive one.

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