How To Transfer A Car Title

How To Transfer A Car Title

Are you in the process of looking to purchase, sell, or donate a car in the near future? Well, make sure you know how important it is to transfer a car title, too. Having a car title with the vehicle you are transferring shows that you are the rightful owner. Understanding these tips will make the purchase legal and safe for all invovled.

Transferring Ways

There are three ways you can transfer a car title.

  1. The first way is buying a car from a dealership.
  2. The second way is if you buy or sell a vehicle privately.
  3. The last way is if you donate your car to the charity of your choice.

Buying A Dealership Car


If you are buying a car from a dealer, you will work with a trained professional who will get you through all the paperwork to finalize the sale. Also, you may have to get information from your insurance to help with this process as well. When you have completed the paperwork, you will have to pay for the taxes and fees on the vehicle. Then, you will be able to verify that your title is correct, and the vehicle will be yours outright.

Buying Or Selling Vehicles Privately


If you are buying or selling a car on your own, you will need to work through a bill of sale. For this paperwork, you will need the VIN number, the make and model for the vehicle, the mileage reading, price of the car, and signatures from everyone involved in the process. Next, on the back side, you will fill out the title, make the necessary arrangements for payment (cash, loan, etc.), and then the owner of the new car will be able to request a car title online through the Registry of Motor Vehicles.

A Charity Donation


If your thought is to donate your car to charity, then you will have to transfer your title, too. First, find a charity that has 501(c)(3) status, so you will work with a reputable organization and you will receive a tax break to help with your income taxes. Next, identity the fact that the title has your name on it. If there are two names on the title, then you will need both people to go into the charity to get the title transferred. Lastly, complete the certificate title, which asks for the name of the charity, odometer readings, signatures, etc.

No matter if you transfer a car through a dealership, by private manners, or through a charity, make sure you know how to work through the title process. Then, you will be able to have peace of mind with your purchase or with your selling/donating decision.

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