How to Prepare for a Multi-Day Road Trip

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How to Prepare for a Multi-Day Road Trip

Multi-day road trips are a popular way to reduce the cost of travel and to see some locations off the beaten track. Preparation is vital to ensuring a smooth and carefree holiday, and as so much relies on a functioning car or camper-van, take some time to go through these steps to check your car and to make sure you are ready for your trip. Read on to find out how to prepare for a multi-day road trip.

Prepare Your Car

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As with any long distance travel, you have to take extra care to ensure your car is safe and capable of long trips, and if you are really going to pushing your car to the limit, it might be worth consulting your mechanic before you set off, otherwise check the oil level using the dipstick, the water level, the tyre pressure and inflate if necessary (most gas stations have an air pump that will tell you the tyre pressure. Consult your user manual to find out the exact PSI you require for your vehicle), the windscreen fluid, the lights and that everything essential is in working order. It is a good idea to have a spare bulb for the lights, some spare fuses, and some extra oil handy in case you need to top up during the trip.

Prepare Your Route

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You probably already know which sites you want to see and which places you want to go, but you should still take some extra care when considering how to get there. Depending on how rural your route is, ensure that there are enough gas stations along the way to top up on fuel so that you’re not left stranded on the side of the road as you should never be gambling on an empty tank, and you can also use gas station stops to check your tyre pressure and oil level. Also, consider the furthest point you will be from the nearest town in case of emergencies when you may need to call a mechanic, and figure out how you may get there if the worst should happen.

Prepare the Rest

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Ask yourself the following questions and consider the worst circumstances and how you would resolve them to make sure you are completely prepared.

  • Is there a first aid kit in your car, just incase of an accident? 
  • Have you got basic tools to repair basic problems? 
  • Have you got a phone charger for your car so that you don't run out of battery? 
  • Will you require snow chains or any specialist equipment for your route? 
  • Have you enough food, water and shelter to survive for a couple of days, should you break down in a very remote location? 
  • Have you got navigation or maps to ensure you don’t get lost?


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It is a good idea to tell a friend or family member of your plans and your intentions, so that if anything does happen, somebody will know roughly where you can be found. Hit the gas, roll down the windows, turn up the radio and go!

These steps don’t take long to complete and should help to ensure you have a fantastic holiday. Have a safe trip!

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