How to Stay Cool on a Motorcycle in the Summer

How to Stay Cool on a Motorcycle in the Summer

As great as bikes are, they do have a couple of drawbacks. Apart from the obvious lack of any protection from the elements, you also don’t get air conditioning like you get in a car. Staying cool in the summer then is a real thing you have to focus on, because messing with the heat is no joke. That being said, there are a couple of ways you can achieve the above mentioned, and here are the most effective methods. If you want to know how to stay cool on a motorcycle in the summer, this article is for you. 

Cover Up


When was the last time you saw a tribesman in the Sahara desert walk with no clothes? Never, right? They cover up completely, from head to toe, in order to protect themselves from the sun. Do the same if you don’t want to end up as red as a lobster. It doesn’t matter if it’s not that hot that particular day or if you think you’re only going for a short drive. You can burn in less than an hour.

Water Down Your Clothing


If possible, hydrate your clothes before you leave. Now we do realize that you can’t soak every piece of clothing but at least cover the vital areas. Pay the most amount of attention to the most sun-sensitive part, your neck. Something as simple as a neck bandana soaked in water can keep you cool for a couple of hours on end and make a world of difference.

Drink Water


Stock up on water as much as possible before you leave. You won’t have to go to the bathroom as much as you think because you’ll lose a lot of that water through sweating. It’s good to sweat though, because it means you’re hydrated. The real problems occur when you start sweating and you feel dehydrated. Don’t forget to wear carry a water bottle with you.

Wear Good Gear


Buy good breathable gear but never put comfort first. With bikes safety comes first, but if you’re going to be riding for longer periods of time, go the extra mile and get gear which is comfortable as well. Leather is the best option for safety reasons alone, but it won’t help you much in the summer. Textiles are much better at cooling your hands off, but they’re weaker than leather gloves. Same goes for mesh materials which fall apart more easily in a crash. Remember, compromise is everything.

Stop Frequently


Don’t treat the bike like a car. Stop as frequently as needed to cool off or get something to drink. Breaks are a great opportunity to take your helmet off and unzip your jacket. 

Staying cool on a bike is much more difficult than in a car, but the thrill and excitement we get from a motorcycle is why we do it. Follow these easy tips and you won’t have any cooling issues in the summer. 

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