How to Maintain a Turbo Diesel Engine

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How to Maintain a Turbo Diesel Engine

Looking after your engine is essential to extending the life of your car. A few simple DIY maintenance tips go a long way to up keeping the health of your engine, so here is our quick guide on how to maintain a turbo diesel engine.

Look after the turbo charger

A red car with an external turbo charger

When using your car, you should wait a few a few seconds before you begin to drive. By letting the car “warm up” for 10-15 seconds, you allow the engine oil to flow around the engine and to reach the turbo charger. If you start up your turbo charger before the oil has reached it, you can cause small amounts of damage which, over time, will accumulate and potentially cause bigger problems.

Check the glow plugs

A close up of a diesel engine

As diesel oil does not produce very much heat, to create an ignition the car uses glow plugs. During winter, these glow plugs have to work extra hard to make your engine run, and so these should be inspected and, if necessary, replaced on a regular basis.

Change your lubricant oil regularly

Some old and colourful oil cans

Lubricant oil is essential to maintaining your diesel engine, and if there are too many carbon deposits in the oil, you can interrupt the flow of oil around your engine and this can effectively block the heat transferring properties of the oil, which has a negative effect on the cooling functions. It is recommended that you change this after every 100 hours of driving time.

Check the air filters

A close up of an air filter fitted to an engine

As diesel engines require a lot of air to function, you should pay close attention to the cleanliness of your air filters. These are cheap to buy and easy to change, and can have a huge positive effect on not only the maintenance of your engine, but also your milage output per the gallon. Don’t allow your filters to build up too much with dust and debris to keep the air flow consistent in your car.

Choose the right oil

Some old fashioned engine oil cans

When you have a turbo charger in your engine, you should be using higher graded oil to protect it. Check your car’s user manual to determine exactly which viscosity and API specifications you need, and don’t be tempted to save a few dollars by choosing a cheaper variant.

Using the correct coolant products

A close up of a car engine

Another way that some people try to save money is by simply using water instead of a purpose produced coolant. This can cause corrosion problems and also is not as effective as cooling down your engine. Ensure you are using the correct products so that you don’t damage the inside of your engine. Also, regular maintenance of the cooling system is essential as diesel engines run under a lot of compression, so ensure this is also healthy.

Looking after your engine should help to reduce trips to your local mechanic and should ensure that your car lives a long and happy life. A few simple tricks go a long way, so ensure you are maintaining your engine carefully.

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